Look for these signs

With the Fall Parade starting today, watch for these signs in front of our Sherco Parade Models and ask about the details when you visit.  We are offering a $5,100 Shopping Spree incentive for the Fall Parade of Homes.  There is a limited time to take advantage so make sure you check it out soon.  See you at the Models

Sherco is excited to have 5 new homes in this year’s Fall Parade of Homes. 

These are some of our most popular layouts and designs and we highly encourage you to check them out.  We are constantly receiving positive feedback regarding our design elements and use of materials. 

If you have any thoughts of building, remodeling or adding on in the next year or two, you won’t want to miss these beautiful new homes on display. 

Here is a list of the Sherco Homes in the Fall 2017 Parade:

#388 (http://www.paradeofhomes.org/home/sherco-construction-inc/2017-fall-parade-homes-388)
#384 (http://www.paradeofhomes.org/home/sherco-construction-inc/2017-fall-parade-homes-384)
#390 (http://www.paradeofhomes.org/home/sherco-construction-inc/2017-fall-parade-homes-390)
#392 (http://www.paradeofhomes.org/home/sherco-construction-inc/2017-fall-parade-homes-392)
#399 (http://www.paradeofhomes.org/home/sherco-construction-inc/2017-fall-parade-homes-399)



Come and visit our new and amazing models in the this year’s Spring Parade starting on March 4th!

We are proud to say we have 7 beautifully crafted homes for you to see, touch and dream.  Here is a list of our upcoming Fall Parade Homes.  Also visit our Parade of Homes page at

2017 Spring Parade of Homes 465 Forest Lake

2017 Spring Parade of Homes 461 Forest Lake

2017 Spring Parade of Homes 458 Chisago City

2017 Spring Parade of Homes 456 Lindstrom

2017 Spring Parade of Homes 452 Stacy

South Metro Locations

2017 Spring Parade of Homes 189 Jordan

2017 Spring Parade of Homes 187 New Prague


parade homesStarting this Saturday, September 10th – The parade of homes is officially under way.  Don’t miss all the great design ideas, new materials, beautiful and functional floor plans and fantastic lots and locations on display in the Parade of Homes.

Sherco is proud to have 8 homes in the parade this year in some of the finest communities in Minnesota.

If you have even had a small itch to build a new home, you don’t want to skip this years event.  We have door prizes at each location so be sure to check in when you arrive.

Click here to get more info on all parade homes to visit.