Although agents who are stationed at Sherco Construction models and/or open houses may have detailed information regarding Sherco homes and processes, they are Buyer’s agents and do not represent Sherco Construction, Inc. If buyers are represented by a separate buyer’s agent, see policy below:

  1. A signed representation agreement (buyer exclusivity agreement) must be presented to Sherco Construction, Inc. in order to receive commission compensation. A buyer representation agreement/exclusivity agreement must be signed and dated prior to the initial sign-in sheet that the buyer filled out upon visit to Sherco model/open house. If all prior conditions have been met, a full commission shall be paid out (2.7%) to the buyers agent at final closing. Please note:  Special circumstances can warrant a change in available commission payouts.  Any necessary commission adjustments will be evident and discussed prior to signing of purchase agreement or put forth as an addendum to the purchase agreement at a later time, but prior to final closing.
  2. If an outside Buyer’s agent representative makes attendance at an initial or subsequent meeting between the buyer and a Sherco Construction builder representative and provides a Buyer representation agreement/exclusivity contract dated after the initial sign-in sheet that the buyer filled out upon visit to a Sherco model/open house, and a Carlisle Team inside buyer’s agent has initiated the meeting with Sherco:

    a.) The representing buyer’s agent must produce a copy of the signed representation agreement in order to receive commission compensation.

    b) Compensation in this scenario will be a 2.2% pay out with a .50% payout going to the in-house Carlisle Team buyer’s agent who worked with the buyer and initiated the meeting with Sherco Construction, Inc.

  3. In the event that a buyer fills out a sign-in sheet at a Sherco Construction model and/or open house and the sign in sheet indicates that they have no known outside buyer’s representation and a buyers representative contract cannot be provided with dates prior to their initial sign in and/or contact with an in-house agent, no commissions shall be paid to an outside agent unless special circumstances are shown to apply.  Sherco Construction, Inc. shall work with the buyer to determine the reasonableness of any special circumstances in such cases.