Meet the Andersons

Wayne and Patty and their amazing son Zack tell their story of the shocking flexibility and affordability of their Sherco home.  Listen and hear Patty describe how the Sherco building and communication processes made them feel while building their new home.  

Make sure you stick around to the end for some great facial expressions by Zack that are sure to put a smile on your face.  

Don & Lavonne

Don has built four homes but this is Lavonne’s first newly built home.  Together they offer two unique perspectives on the home building experience and they sure have a lot to say about Sherco.

Check out what Don and Lavonne had to say about how nervous they were about building a new home in the town that they love. 


The Gundersons

Hear the Gundersons talk about the stress they felt when considering building a new home.  They reveal some common issues that many couples face when taking this step. 

They also reveal some unique aspects of how Sherco helped them overcome those issues and you’ll be surprised by to hear their take on the entire process from start to finish.