Meet the Andersons

Wayne and Patty and their amazing son Zack tell their story of the shocking flexibility and affordability of their Sherco home.  Listen and hear Patty describe how the Sherco building and communication processes made them feel while building their new home.  

Make sure you stick around to the end for some great facial expressions by Zack that are sure to put a smile on your face.  

Mitch & Jacky Kiklas Family

My husband and I looked at moving to our “dream location” for many years.  We did not have a specific town in mind, more or less it was about what felt right for our family.  During what seemed like our never-ending search, we came across the model on Furman showcased in the 2019 Parade of Homes.  During our visit, we learned about Thurnbeck Phase I and how it was an old farm in the community now developed into custom homes.  We also learned that Thurnbeck Phase II was soon on the way just down the road and lots were available.  After tossing the idea around for a few days, we decided to call the Sherco office and schedule an appointment to discuss options to build a home.  This is where our favorite story to tell about our home building experience comes from….  the first day we met Tom; owner of Sherco. 

In late March 2019, we called the Sherco office to schedule an appointment.  They told us that Tom would be the best contact to discuss our options and he could meet us early Saturday morning, in between his work on the farm.  Hearing this made us think how neat it was the owner would take time out of his weekend to meet and discuss options even though we were still in the “kicking tires” stage of our process.  As promised, Tom was there early Saturday morning to go over plans.  He showed us existing homes Sherco had built, to-be built homes Sherco was designing, and all the land opportunities he knew might be a good fit if we wanted to look at more options.  After two hours, we left Sherco with a pile of information.  We started driving down the highway to go home and made it to the Hugo exit and turned around.  It did not take us more than 10 miles on the road after leaving the office to know we wanted to build with Tom.  We drove over to the model in Columbus where Tom said he would be spending the remainder of the day and shook his hand on the spot.  That handshake promising a lot and a home for our family lasted for over a year until Thurnbeck Phase II was ready and we broke ground February 2020.

Even though Sherco was not a name we had previously come across during our endless search to find a home; it didn’t need to be.  Tom sold us in less than two hours of a good conversation, a sincere approach, and a handshake.  The rest is history.

Thank you, Tom and Sherco for what is now our new beautiful home that is just the right fit for our family. 

-The Kiklas Family  

Don & Lavonne

Don has built four homes but this is Lavonne’s first newly built home.  Together they offer two unique perspectives on the home building experience and they sure have a lot to say about Sherco.

Check out what Don and Lavonne had to say about how nervous they were about building a new home in the town that they love. 


The Gundersons

Hear the Gundersons talk about the stress they felt when considering building a new home.  They reveal some common issues that many couples face when taking this step. 

They also reveal some unique aspects of how Sherco helped them overcome those issues and you’ll be surprised by to hear their take on the entire process from start to finish.